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Reasons Why Your Kitchen Or Bathroom Drain May Be Clogged

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Clogged drains are terrible. Not only are they a major inconvenience, but a clogged drain can cause bacteria and odor issues that are disgusting. Clogged drains are a nuisance that every business owner will experience at least once in their lifetime; if they are not dealt with immediately, they can lead to health problems and costly plumbing repairs.

Whether it's a foreign object that has fallen into the drain or excessive build-up of hair, oil, and other types of gunk, there could be many reasons responsible for the drain blockage. Understanding exactly how each problem can cause your drain to get stopped up is the best way to prevent it. Here are 9 possible causes why your drain may be blocked and why you should call a professional commercial plumber to help fix the issue:

1. Hair

We've seen all of this before; a build-up of hair blocks the drain. In most cases, simply "removing" the hair is a fairly easy task. However, if it is not cleaned immediately, it can cause a lot of problems. Hair loss from the body while showering or using the sink is one of the most ordinary causes of clogged gutters. While this is a common problem for many business owners that offer showers, there are ways to adjust your sewer system to find a long-term solution.

2. Plants and Dirt

Debris such as trees, shrubs, dirt, and leaves can be a problem with water drainage, especially after the spring and fall seasons. Leaves, however, aren't the only culprit - tree roots are known to grow from below seeking water and oftentimes make their way into a drainage system.

3. Grease

Like hair in the shower, grease can build up in your kitchen sink. Grease in sinks is one of the most common causes of clogging and can be difficult to clear out depending on the amount of buildup. Any oily substance that has been washed into a sink will stick to the inside of the pipe and eventually build up until no liquid can enter. While some over the counter solutions could work for small clogs, a professional may be required for major pipe clearing.

4. Toiletries

When individuals throw toiletries down the drain, problems arise in the pipes. Diapers and baby wipes are two of the most common issues known to clog the drain after they've been flushed down the toilet. When these objects are immersed in water, the moisture enlarges them, causing sewers and water pipes to clog.

5.Bad Weather

During the rainy season, there is often flooding in the sewer due to the high amounts of rainfall. Because sewers are not designed to absorb the full impact of overflowing water, water retention can occur. If rainwater overflows the sewers, it is likely that blockage can happen and will need clearing out by a professional plumbing service.

6. Broken Pipes

Water pipes can break due to tree roots and general damage. Once a pipe starts to burst, it is easier to clog than a pipe that is still intact. If you can't see a ruptured pipe clearly, diagnosing this problem can be difficult.

7. Poor Water Flow

If your faucet water is trickling instead of flowing naturally, then there is a problem with low water pressure. While this problem isn't always related to pipes, it can be a sign that dirt or sediments are building up. Parts of your restroom or kitchen like the faucet can easily become blocked and cause a reduction in water pressure.

8. Poor Installation

Poor plumbing can lead to costly drainage blockages. While the DIY method can save you money and be an "easy" part of business maintenance, installing your own plumbing is not recommended. This can lead to problems such as improper water flow, leaky pipes, and expensive repair costs.

9. Objects

From toys to soap to accumulated food, cleaning equipment, and other foreign objects, any small items that can easily be dumped down the drain can end up creating a clogging issue. While some objects are easy to retrieve once they fall in, others may require actually going into the pipe to remove. If this happens, it may be wise to hire a plumber who can safely and expertly clear the pipe.

Plumbing issues can start off small but quickly escalate if they aren't taken care of as soon as soon as possible. Give ACAPX, LLC the best plumbing company in Atlanta, a call today for a free estimate on any issues you may have with blocked drains.

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